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Shwedagon Pagoda

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Shwedagon Pagoda

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welcome to our travel agency online for holidays in Myanmar
We offer personalised specialist tours to suit many interests...

Adventure & Birding

Myitkyina and the Ledo Road (Stillwell Road)

7 days including visits to the confluence of the
 Ayeyawady River, Mogaung and Shinbwiyang

Putao Trekking House

Mailkha Lodge Putao

Rafting, Trekking and Nature Trails in the extreme
north of Myanmar, one of the last unspoilt areas of Asia...

...and beneath the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas

Accommodation in the Mailkha Lodge bungalows each
with a spacious fireplace and with breathtaking views!!

Tours are from 3 days


Hukawng Valley

Travel around Myanmar in your own Railway Carriage...

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With all of our Specialist Tours and Adventure Tours you are accompanied
by a Professional Guide who will travel with you throughout your visit...

Myanmar creates 20,000 SQ KM
Tiger Reserve in Kachin State

Chin Hills * Mount Victoria * Hkakabo Razi * Naga Hills * Pyay (Prome) * Diving Holidays * Padalin Caves * Sagaing * Amarapura * Mandalay * Andaman Sea * Bagan * Miek Archipelago ('Mergui Archipelago) * Kyauk Myaung * Kalaw * Inle Lake * Ledo Road * Stillwell Road * Burma Road  * Putao * Myitkyina * Shan Plateau * Mogaung * Myitson

Arts & Craft Tours

These tours are run in conjunction with the Road to Mandalay Ltd Arts & Crafts division which has been operating in Myanmar for many years now and is well versed with the various arts of craft-making in Myanmar.

With these special holidays you will tour throughout Myanmar visiting the actual workshops where the many crafts of Myanmar are created. Crafts such as Weaving, Lacquerware, Pottery, Shwe Chi Doe Tapestry and Marionette making, Jade carving, Wood Carving, Bronzeware, Silverware, Mother-of-Pearl Carving, Parasol making, Marquetry and Burmese Musical Instruments.

Participate in the art - spend some time at the Potters' Wheel!!

All of our Specialist and Adventure Tours are custom-made for our Clients and the actual itinerary is arranged to suit your special interests.

Arts & Craft Tour 1

History Tours

The history of the area which is now called Myanmar dates back to prehistoric times. With our tours you will be taken from Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic times through to the Anyathian culture of Upper Myanma, on to the Pyu peoples of the first century BC and up to the modern day.

Click below for a typical itinerary...

Myanmar through the Ages

Archaeological Tours

These tours are arranged for groups only and include visits to excavation sites such as those in Sri Ksetra, near Pyay (Prome)

Click here for full information about our
Birding, Trekking & Walking  tours
and General Adventure tours

Hukawng Valley

Diving Holidays in the Myeik Archipelago

Board a yacht and sail around the Myeik Archipelago (Mergui Archipelago) for some of the most spectacular diving in the world today; or go on one of our Adventure Cruises; or go Sea Kayaking! Or stay on one of the islands with good accommodation and enjoy diving expeditions from the island. Tours are upwards of 6 Days

The Myeik Archipelago is totally unspoilt with thousands of uninhabited islands except for the 'Sea Gypsies' which ply between the islands

Contact us for further information about our yachting Holidays in the Myeik Arch1pelago which operate between October and May

Our tours start in Myanmar because Myanmar is where we know best!!

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14 February 2012