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"Mandalay for the speaking, Yangon for the bragging and Mawlamyine for the eating"

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Healthy Myanmar - a 119 yrs old Lady's Story!!!

Interesting chat about the origin of Burmese Words

Journey on the Ayeyarwady River

The Wonderful Thanakha Tree

The Quilt of Belonging ~ a very worthy Canadian project to which we were happy to contribute: if this was undertaken elsewhere the world may well be a more peaceful place!! 

February 18 2006 - Travels with my Great-Aunt in Burma

August 01 2005 ~ Myanmar Forest Officials Receive Prize from the USA for Environmental and Wildlife Conservation

Myanmar Tsunami News - past and present

A potted history of Myanmar and the history of ceramic pottery making in Myanmar

Old Burma

Thingyan Water Festival 2004 Photo Gallery

The Golden Padauk – The Flower of Thingyan (pdf file)

"The Life of Gautama Buddha" - from H G Wells' "A Short History of the World" published by Collins

Extract from map of the Mongol empire at time of the death of Kublai Khan including Myanmar ("Mien")

The complete Rudyard Kipling poem "Mandalay"

Marionette history ~ and Who They Are!!

Discover the beautiful Myanmar weaving style of the  Lun Yakyaw Cheik (Lun Taya Acheik) - using up to 100 Shuttles!

Myanmar Musical Instruments

Lacquerware Techniques

Map of Inle Lake

Colour Me Burma - Pan Gyi Soe Moe


ECO message in Hlawga Park near Yangon


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