A bird watching visit
to the Naga Hills

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Day 1

Arrival to Yangon Hotel in Yangon
Day 2 Fly Yangon to Khamti Overnight Khamti
Day 3 Down stream boat ride to Tamanthi Overnight Tamanthi
Day 4 Birding Tamanthi National Park Overnight Tamanthi
Day 5 Drive Tamanthi to 25th mile. Then walk Tigun. House in Tigun
Day 6 Walk Tigun to Kyet Kaw House in Kyet Kaw
Day 7 Walk Kyet Kaw to Yawpami House in Yawpami
Day 8 Yawpami to Camp I Camp I
Day 9 Camp I to Camp II Camp II
Day 10 to 14 Birding around Camp II Camp II
Day 15 Camp II to Wonbe Wonbe
Day 16 Wonbe to Vetvair Vetvair
Day 17 Vetvair to Modonywama Modonywama
Day 18 Modonywama to Modonfi Modonfi
Day 19 Modonfi to Tamanthi Tamanthi
Day 20 Up stream boat ride to Khamti Khamti
Day 21 Fly Khamti to Yangon Hotel in Yangon
Day 22 Depart.

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With this itinerary birding is in the centre of the Naga Hills, crossing many Naga and Chin villages along the way.

Tamanthi A Myanmar and Naga village on the back of Chindwin river.
Tigun A Chin village elevation 4500 ft.
Kyet Kaw A Naga village elevation 3500 ft.
Yawpami A Naga village elevation 4100 ft.
Camp I Approximately 6500 ft.
Camp II Approximately 8500 ft.
Wonbe A Naga village elevation approximately 3000 ft.
Vetvair A Naga village elevation approximately 2100 ft.
Mondonywama A Naga village elevation approximately 3200 ft.
Modonfi A Chin village elevation approximately 850 ft.
Tamanthi National Park A place to find White-winged Duck.