A bird watching visit to the Chin and Extreme North Myanmar

An Introduction to Myanmar Birds, Myanmar


Day 1 Arrival Yangon

Afternoon drive Moeyungyi sanctuary

Resort in Moeyungyi
Day 2

Birding Moeyungyi

Evening drive Yangon
Day 3 Fly Yangon to Putao Hotel in Putao
Day 4

Drive Putao to Sangaung

Day 5 Walk Sangaung to Camp 1 Camp 1
Day 6 Camp 1 to Warsardum Warsardum
Day 7 Warsardum to Khalardum Khalardum
Day 8 Khalardum to Zeyardum Zeyardum
Day 9 Zeyardum to Camp 2 Camp 2
Day 10 Camp 2 Camp 2
Day 11

Camp 2 to Zeyardum

Day 12 Zeyardum to Warsardum Warsardum
Day 13 Warsardum to Camp 1 Camp 1
Day 14

Camp 1 to Sangaung

Day 15 Drive Sangaung to Putao Bagan

Fly Putao to Bagan

Day 16 Birding Bagan Bagan
Day 17 Drive Bagan to Kanpetlet Bungalow in Kanpetlet
Day 18 to 22 Birding Mt. Victoria Bungalow in Kanpetlet
Day 23 Drive Kanpetlet to Bagan Bagan
Day 18 Morning Fly Yangon


For details Please refer Itinerary (4) and Itinerary (5).

Day (1) to Day (11) Identical to Itinerary (5).

Day (12) to Day (15) We walk directly from Zeyardum to Warsardum. Then arrive to Sangaung. From Sangaung we will drive to Putao and take a flight to Bagan instead of Yangon.

Day (16) to Day (24) Identical with Day (5) to Day (11) of Itinerary (4) only that we leave out a day in Mt. Victoria.