An Introduction to Myanmar Birds

An Introduction to Myanmar Birds, Myanmar

(Yangon - Hlawga - Moeyungyi - Yangon)


Day 1

Arrival Yangon Yangon
Afternoon sightseeing Yangon
Day 2 Morning birding Hlawga wild life park Moeyungyi

Afternoon drive to Moeyungyi sanctuary

Day 3 Birding Moeyungyi Pyay
Afternoon drive to Pyay
Day 4 Birding Pyay Pyay
Day 5 Drive Pyay to Yangon
Evening depart.


Day.1 Morning arrive Yangon, check into hotel and have a tour briefing. After lunch birding in the parks, downtown Yangon where common birds like Common Myna, Little Cormorants, Black Drongo, Tailorbird, Green Bee-eater, Bulbuls, will be introduced. Then drive along the Hlaing river to see the Brown - headed Gull. Evening visit the famous Shwedagon Pagoda.

An Introduction to Myanmar Birds, Myanmar

Day.2 Early morning drive to Hlawga Wild life Park on the outskirts of Yangon to look for the Pale-capped Pigeon, Racket-tailed Treepie, Striped-throated Bulbul with white eye (which is only found in South Myanmar), Sun birds, Orioles, Flower-peckers, Bee eaters and some Babblers and others. After lunch drive to Moeyungyi sanctuary (a vast area of wetland) situated approximately 110 KM north of Yangon. Spend the late afternoon birding along the shores of the wetland, looking for birds such as the Bluethroat, Thick - billed Warbler, Wagtails, Pipits, Golden plovers, Harriers and Kites.  Dinner and Overnight at the resort in the sanctuary.
Day.3 With an early boat ride in the sanctuary look for Greater - spotted Eagle, Woolly-necked Stork, Asian Openbill, Sarus Crane, Spot-billed Pelican, Painted Stork, among thousands of waders and shorebirds. This sanctuary is approximately 40 square miles in area with about 80 species of birds. After lunch drive to Pyay which will take about 6 hrs, and overnight in Pyay.
Day.4 Starting from early morning birding the whole day in the dry deciduous forest near Pyay to see three endemic species of Myanmar: the Hooded Treepie, White-throated Babbler and Burmese Bush-Lark together with Burmese Shrike, Parakeets, Starlings, Wood shrikes, Cuckoo shrikes, Pigeons, Raptors, Prinias, Orioles, Babblers, etc. Dinner and overnight at Pyay.
Day.5 Morning drive to Yangon for international departures